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Sunday, July 11, 2004

Well, I had another great day.
I woke up after noon (forgive me, for it was a Saturday). I immediately sprang into action; I did the laundry, scrubbed the entire bathroom, took out the trash and installed a window air conditioner in the bedroom for use in the near future. Leslie and I had a chicken/bacon/barbecue pizza that was to die for from Papa John's and then went shopping for about an hour. We came home and watched a free DVD we got with the pizza ("Weekend At Bernie's"; it's great escapist entertainment).
Leslie is now asleep, and this brings me to the song of the night from The Writ Of Common Wisdom. This one dates from a dumping I suffered in early 1994. This song was one of many from that particular dumping, and I think it's one of my better songs. I also think it explains itself.

Anything She Wanted

When the sun comes up, she’s in my arms again

And we pick up where the night left off, the kisses sweet as rain

And I drive her home once more, promising that I’ll call by four

And my days are filled with autumn’s chill and anything she wanted

I drop everything to see her gray-green eyes

I disappear when she speaks to me; no limits to my skies

But the truth is always there; I try to lie and say that I won’t care

And I wish my day to go her way, with anything she wanted

Well, it always seems so perfect when there’s nothing bad to see

Ah but when one nerve shows you’ve seen them all, and that’s been the death of me

And when I wake up now, no one is with me here

And I spend my days just kidding myself and I go to sleep in fear

But I tell myself again, if she needed me to be her friend

I’d be her fool, her perfect tool, for anything she wanted

Sometimes I'm such a sap. Did I mention that the dumping had to do with the facts that she was 450 miles away and dating someone else at the time? ...That's a story for another day.

I'm dumbstruck. I have nothing to add. What am I doing here? Why are you staring at me? Why are all of these letters in black? Help me. HELP me!!

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