Monday, July 12, 2004

So we went to see "Anchorman" today in a local theatre. Leslie loved it. I thought some of the humor was forced, as is often the case with Wil Ferrell. Sometimes, he's just a little too over the top for my tastes.
After the movies, we got some Chinese take-out from the local Chinese restaurant (where else?), which is in the middle of remodeling. It's a good thing it's only right around the corner. We both had sesame chicken.
Now, tonight's entry from the Writ Of Common Wisdom. This is a country song again. I don't write a lot of country songs; I just happen to write a lot of country songs that begin with the letter A.

A Really Big Eraser

If I had a really big eraser

I would stick it inside my head

I would rub and rub ‘til I erased

All of those rotten things you said

Then I’d pull it out and start all over

And find something else to do

But I can’t find a really big eraser

So I guess I’m stuck with you

If I had a really big cheese grater

I would shred my life down to size

Maybe I’d cut, or maybe I’d slice

Or maybe make julienne fries

Then I’d take all the cuttings and the scrapings

And make a pot of John Paul stew

But I can’t find a really big cheese grater

So I guess I’m stuck with you

If I had a really big paint roller

I would repaint the canvas of my life

I could be Picasso’s pet canary

Or maybe Fra Filippo Lippi’s wife

I could take my mistakes and my bad decisions and make them all just disappear

But I can’t find a really big paint roller, so I guess I’ll just hang my canv-ass here

Yea, this one's really silly. This will be the first of many that the reader sees on this blog. I think you have to flush out the silly lyric pipes of your brain every once in a while or you'll go mad.
I loved Kerry's pick of John Edwards last week. I don't think I mentioned that. I actually voted for Edwards in the primaries, and I truly believe he should be president someday. He's a good man, until proven otherwise by this reckless and lazy media in America. Here's hoping they win this one.
Sleep well, world. We're not going anywhere.

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