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Sunday, July 04, 2004

I tried to type some of the following information on June 30, but unfortunately, I encountered a computer problem. So I'll try again.
This past Wednesday was the 30th of June, which is Lovely Lady Leslie's birthday. I had a surprise for her after she got out of the shower. We were both topless when we sat down on the bed. I handed her her gift and she opened it. It was the book "There's No Such Place As Far Away" by Richard Bach. The main idea behind this quasi-childrens' book is that no matter the distance, a person can remain in your heart. That was how Leslie and I started out. I reminded her that it had been roughly three years since we had first made love, and that we had overcome great distance to get to this point. With that, I produced the engagement ring she had picked for herself from underneath the pillow, and asked her if she would marry me. She said yes.
It's almost four full days later, and the shiver I get in my heart from her saying yes still feels brand new. On the day I take her hand and offer myself to her as her husband, my life begins anew. She is responsible for nothing short of my resurrection as a human being. I plan to repay that debt in full as time goes by. The most important thing I can do is remain happy by her side, despite all things in the outside world trying to tear us apart. To this point, I have had no idea what true love is. Now I know. She's asleep a room away, and I never want to be more than this far away from her again.
I was going to cover other depressing topics, but the hell with that. Everybody be happy, or we get nowhere. You can do this by voting Democratic in the coming election.

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