Saturday, July 17, 2004

Not much of a Friday. I went to work, came home, barbecued some steaks for Lovely Lady Leslie and I, and after eating them I fell asleep until about 2:40 AM. Now that I've my night's sleep, I'm up and around and chatlessly visitng all of my favorite stops.
Which brings us to this morning's entry from The Writ Of Common Wisdom. At the time I wrote this, I was listening to a lot of John Prine. I wish this song were funnier, but it sets the mood I was looking for correctly. I don't play this song nearly as often as I should. This is one of the better ones lyrically.
Back To The Wind 
Once had a friend of social grace 
Hat upon his head, and a smile upon his face 
Drank all my whisky, then he disappeared 
With his back to the wind and a belly full of cheer 
Met a psychic gypsy dressed up like a clown 
Painted on a smile and then we hit the town 
Told me my future, then she left me for dead 
With her back to the wind, and a dream inside her head 
Came upon the postman in the driving rain 
With a can of mace and some keys upon a chain 
Gave me some letters, then he sped away  
With his back to the wind and his lights on in the day
It’s a funny road that we travel on 

One day we’re here, and the next we’re gone
So I’m leaving here at the toll of the bell 

With my back to the wind and just one more tale to tell
Yea, with my back to the wind and one more tale to tell
And that's THAT entry. This one holds up well for being written almost ten years ago. A lot of these songs are older,  and some lyrics just don't age well. I like this one.
Among the stories of people being intimidated for their beliefs in this once-great and slowly decaying land of ours, I wish the reader a happy weekend and assure them that I refuse to decay, physically or intellectually.

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