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Thursday, July 08, 2004

After a roughly four to five hour mid-evening nap, I have arisen to nothing in particular.
I'm listening to the best of Spanky & Our Gang, and contemplating my future, which remains wide open.
In keeping with this, I've decided to use this space to publish my songs, one at a time, sans musical notation, to share my vision with the future. I'm going to publish them in alphabetical order as they appear in The Writ Of Common Wisdom. So without further discussion, I present the first of many.

Airport Wind

Stranded here in Newark waiting for a limousine

This is the coldest place that I’ve ever seen

And brewery lights in the distance there

And a January breeze blowin’ back my hair

Airport wind and 747’s

Blow me up into the heavens

You can jump on a plane; just leave your car

Let the airport wind take you to the stars

Shoes brightly polished, suitcase with a tag

Black and white stripes on the American flag
‘Cause the air is so dirty, all I do is cough

And those red tower lights just blink on and off



Hope I fly into the sunrise; hope the food is good today

Hope tomorrow I forget about this windy yesterday

Truck traffic passin’ headin’ to New York

A plastic knife, a plastic spoon, a plastic fork

And my tie’s a little crooked, and my pants a little tight

But those runway zephyrs take me from the night


And that's song number one. This one is kind of jazzy, and this is one of the few that I have recorded, having recorded it as a live track about four years ago.

I'll have so much more to share.

As for now, my CD changer has switched to "Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band". Every once in a while, between songs I'm writing, I have to remind myself of what real music sounds like.

Good night!!

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