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Thursday, July 22, 2004

Man it's late. I've been playing poker online with my friend Brian and a cast of a few.
I have been neglecting this blog for a few nights by sleeping. Where do I get off?
We're now playing poker with a girl from Michigan. Brian IM'd me and stated that she has the personality of a dialtone. I almost agree, but that's a little bit mean.
So, I guess you're wondering where tonight's Writ entry is. Well, as soon as "No Salt On Her Tail" by The Mamas and the Papas fades out, I'll give you one (I LOVE this song)......
OK. Tonight's entry, though delayed, is a real treat for me. It's one of the only quasi-gospel songs in my repertoire. A little bit of history is needed first. When I was in high school, my old friend Dave Mann and I were talking about band names, and what would be a good one. Because of our like of progressive rock (it WAS the early '80's in suburban Philadelphia), we came up with the name Crimson Shadow. Dave even drew up a perfect logo for the name in his spiral notebook. Alas, at that point we couldn't play any instruments, and the dreamed died on the drawing board. And yet the words parked themselves in the back of my head, right next to one another. Roughly 16 years later, I wrote the song below. It has nothing to do with a failed band, but I like the sentiment of this one. I still can't decide if it should speed up between the first and second verse. Let me know.

Cast A Crimson Shadow 
We shall walk beneath the flowing streams of amber 
Sunlit in eternal morning grace 
And all the best emotions I will grant you 
In the moments when again I see your face 

So cast a crimson shadow on the water 
Scatter leaves of green along your way 
Your shade will be the sun in my direction 
And love will be the order of the day 
Over many winding paths my feet have traveled 
To places I may never see again 
And all my plans will slowly come unraveled 
Until I reach that place that knows no pain
In moments when this life can’t be more vacant 
I look into the distance heading north 
I almost see the peace I’ll one day savor 
Above the trees a-swayin’ back and forth

And so we have another entry. When I wrote this, I was listening to a lot of the Grateful Dead. I think the song "Brokedown Palace"  bled through this somewhere, but this isn't as good. I hope you liked it anyway. 
It is now 3 AM. I MUST go finish the laundry and put away my bag of cookies. I love you all. Ain't that grand?

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