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Thursday, July 15, 2004

Well, at the moment I am chatting on IM with both Dani and my friend Brian. One conversation is about hockey fights, the other about music. How exhilirating.
I would have posted last night, but I had a BIG sandwich from Subway and fell asleep within an hour. So, here I am; well-rested, incessantly chatting and listening to Sandy Denny.

So, I wrote a GREAT protest song today, but that's not the song I'm presenting here this evening. Since I'm presenting The Writ Of Common Wisdom in alphabetical order as it is now, I've come to a song that seemed like a good idea at the time, but I look at it now and it's just horrible. In the name of being a completist, I present it for your laughter and general scorn.

As The Moon Flies High

The summer sun burns all of my senses

Walkin’ ‘round both lost and agonized

My fevered brain just withers and condenses

Until I find I’m halfway paralyzed

But as the moon flies high

And the bright light fades away

In the blink of an eye

I’ll be on my feet

And on my way

Humidity is making my mind wander

Sometimes I don’t even know my name

Can’t focus on a single point to ponder

And I don’t even know from where I came


The nighttime will wash over me

And the stars will light my path

And I’ll forget that that sun ever shined

In all its radiated wrath


And on my way

And if you think that THAT'S a load of crap, you ought to hear the chords and melody to it. I keep it around as my red-headed stepchild. I psychologically abuse it until it decides to sound better. Honestly, I promise that the NEXT song I post here will be MUCH better.
Good night. Love one another. Hug a Democrat whenever you can.

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