Saturday, March 27, 2004

Another Friday, another beer...

My boss really pissed me off today, but I ENDEAVOR to stay positive, so I'm going to let her fall by the wayside. I find her petty and ridiculous at times, and this is not how I want to spend time on this blog.
As the clock turned midnight EST (I'm in Central Time), my sister turned 45. She's nice, but naive and completely unrealistic.

I just realized that I've begun this blog tonight taking pot shots at two women. I don't want to give the reader the impression that I'm a chauvinist. I happen to live with Lovely Lady Leslie, the most wonderful woman in the world (she's in bed; she craves sleep; I'm a ghoul). Up until Leslie, I had a horrible track record with women. I now realize that I kept getting together with women that were FAR too much like my mother, who's a sadistic bully and a traitor to her own children. You know how Dylan said, "If you see her say hello", well if you see my mother say "Fuck You". Thanks to Leslie, I now realize how sick and evil my mother's approach to parenting is, and I shall strive for SOOOOO much better when Leslie and I eventually marry and have children. Leslie makes me realize how wonderful life can be. I'm in her debt for the rest of my life.

And so I'm hanging, listening to Stephen Stills' "Manassas" (a forgotten classic). I'm on my second beer (Goose Island Hex Nut Brown Ale- straight from the variety pack - not a bad brew). I get a hair cut tomorrow. Since I moved to Milwaukee, I have YET to have a decent haircut. The thinning hair and greying genes are not heavy in my family, so at (nearly) 38, I have a thick head of brown hair. I HATE cutting it. As I get older, my hair causes me great guilt, as some of my greatest friends have no hair whatsoever. I used to go to a Russian barber who told me "you hev very nice heer. Very tick". He was an avid fisherman and a great fan of 40's and 50's jazz standards. I'm a Russophile, but it's hard to watch people from a distance who've never known freedom in their lifetimes stumble so badly. Russia, unfortunately, is slowly slipping back into dictatorship, and it seems like they don't even care. I used to think I'd never see the Berlin Wall come down. Until the last Russian election with Putin, I thought I'd never see an East Bloc dictatorship again. I guess I'm not an oracle. The world is repeating itself in frightening ways, but with transistorization, the speed at which the world repeats history has reached about one generation of actual time. I wonder where the true visionaries are hiding nowadays. It is ironic that the greatest mind of the last 10 or 15 years, Stephen Hawking, is more machine than functioning human being. Is he the harbinger of things to come?

I'll leave now to urinate, ruminate and meditate on all I've written here. Live well, dear reader.

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