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Monday, March 08, 2004

An uneventful Sunday, but a positive one.

I went with Leslie (from now on to be referred to as "Lovely Lady Leslie") to the local mall just to get out of the house. Wisconsin winters are fairly unforgiving to the point that we've been in virtual hibernation for the whole of the winter. We walked around for a little while.

At the mall they have this little circular train track that the kids can ride for $1.25. I noticed that every time the train went around and passed the lady who ran the train, she waved to the kids inside the little cars. I thought to myself, "What a GREAT train lady!".

After the mall, we went to the Old Country Buffet. I don't make a habit of this. I usually go there when I feel like my body is down a quart of starch. True to form, I ate turkey(twice), rice (twice), stuffing (also twice), a salad (HA! Fooled ya...I only had one salad), a few glasses of Diet Coke and two small desserts. We got home after going shopping for pet supplies (we have a dog and a cat). Almost immediately, I fell asleep for 4 hours (starch overload).

And I have enough recycled all-starch-burned energy to share my day here. My residual happiness is bleeding through to today. I bid all a good night. It's just that simple.

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