Friday, April 02, 2004

Lotsa news....

The hearing for my name change is May 3, 2004, which is 4 days after my 38th birthday.

There were many times in my 20's when I used to tell people that the day before I turned 40, I'd throw myself into the ocean. In many ways, I'm doing just that, but just a few days early. With a handful of exceptions, I want to immolate my old life. The people I know will be a little saddened, but I can't help feeling excited. It's been time to slam the door closed on the first half of my life for roughly the last ten years. I'm just coming around to the good part. And with Lovely Lady Leslie on my arm, the future's wide open.

I got a nice haircut last weekend and had the last chicken cheese steak at The Philly Way in Walker's Point. Some habits die hard.

Sleep in peace, brothers and sisters! The show shall begin in 32 days!!!

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