Thursday, November 25, 2004

Sun and Moon
And all things in the heavens
And all things that circle another
Like a stalker, like a groupie
Like the halo of a saint
Or the fire of the sinner
Like your mother or your father
Or your ancestors
Or your progeny
Or a brother or a sister
Whether in immediate family
Or the group called humanity
Like the senses of Man
Seeing the horrors of War
With the stench of carrion
Hearing a blood-curdling scream
Tasting powder and Death
Touching survival of the fittest
Like the wood
And creatures living life within
And the predators hiding in the shadows
And the snapping brush beneath it
Shielding insects below
Surviving deep within the Earth
Like the sweet taste of Wind
Drawing aromas of salt from the Sea
And chilling the homeless vagabond
Tearing tall oaks from their roots
Giving power to the powerless
Taking pain afar with a gust
And like myself
Existing from moment to moment
Feet planted on the ground
Mind and soul dancing in the clouds
Floating, elated
I stand with the universe related

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