Thursday, November 04, 2004

My side, the side with brains, has lost the election in the United States.

Instead of dwelling on this and telling the world to build coffins because that will be America's main export over the next four years, I'm just going to post a song that I wrote for this emergency we find ourselves in. This is my song to everyone in the world. I urge you to ignore what America says and does. It's destroying itself from within. Pray the end comes quickly, for the sake of the world.

Right Foot Down

The turnin’ of the tide is turnin’ to a tidal wave

And no one seems to listen anymore

It only takes a nervous tic on someone else’s gun

To turn discussion into civil war

But I’ll be on the sidelines with my gun up on the shelf

Drinking beer and living long while you destroy yourself

So put your right foot down

Pick your left foot up

Kick your right foot out

And you’ll all fall down (2X)

See the monkey leader read his cue card speech with ease

He made himself on someone else’s dime

I wonder whose banana he’ll be chomping on today

Or if he’ll just go missing one more time

Though someone’s gonna pick him off it hasn’t happened yet

As he stands on top of corpses telling you you’re in his debt


What seems to him like heaven is a hell for me and you

If you think that number one is bad, take a whiff of number two

(Chorus – Fade Out)

'Nuff said.

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