Thursday, November 11, 2004

A quick word is in order to give the readers an itinerary for the next 7 days retroactive to last night.
I saw the reformed Pixies last night at The Milwaukee Theatre.
Altenative bands since the late '80's, for the most part have had a nondescript appearance about them. Usually, they have been groups that have followed the fashion trends of the day. As I watched the Pixies go through a near-flawless set of their most known musical works, I was struck by the actual physical shape. After over ten years apart, they have roughly the same appearance as they did all those years ago as they changed the rules of alternative music for the rest of time. Frank Black (Black Francis?) was still the heavyset lead singer, Joey Santiago was still the bald lead guitar player, Kim Deal was still the tall female bass player, and David Lovering still played his drums in the same position, hunched over his drum kit, coiled and ready to strike. I highly recommend that any fan of the Pixies not miss this show. I called it "near-flawless" because they didn't play "Tony's Theme", but that's just one fan's beef, and I can't hold it against them for everyone else.
This Friday night, I'll be playing the Open Stage at The Coffee House down near Marquette. I have an idea to record a solo acoustic album there in four visits, as they record for a nominal fee down there.
Monday, I'll be playing an open mic at Studio 305 around the block. The keepers of the studio, Dominic and Linda, are just wonderful people. I'm letting them borrow the PA from me for the night. It's very exciting to be on the ground floor of a new venue. I can't wait.
The balance of my time shall be spent in creative pursuits of one kind or another. Ah, Autumn, my energy source. I am empowered by the smell of the season. Sandy Denny sings in my ear, and my thoughts turn positive, despite the many negatives of this world we now find ourselves in. May they spread to you too, dear reader!!

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