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Saturday, September 04, 2004

It's a BEAUTIFUL sunny September 4th in Milwaukee. I'm listening to Echo & The Bunnymen as I feel a soft and not-too-humid breeze flow through my window.
The Republican Hatefest wrapped up in New York this week. I watched it on TV for a grand total of zero seconds. I read enough of the news accounts of this dog and pony show to know that the Republican Party has slowly morphed into the most organized, efficient and corporately subsidized hate group in the United States. Poor misguided bastards.
I've been playing a lot of Literati on Yahoo lately (their version of Scrabble). As I meet more and more random women while playing, I find it just amazing how much more I love Leslie. I hold love in my heart for the entire world, but in order to share that with the world, I feel it is important to have a powerful example of love in your own house. I can say unequivocally that I have that now. The years of plaque and angst that surrounds my heart from being around people who made me feel OBLIGATED to love them is chipping away a little more each day. I could almost go outside and enjoy the sunshine, if not for my allergies.

And now, for the first time in far too long, I present another song from The Writ Of Common Wisdom. Now, where did I leave off...?
This is a crappy song I wrote about acid flashbacks. One of the biggest lies in America is that people actually suffer acid flashbacks. I agree with Hunter Thompson; I feel cheated that the flashbacks haven't come. This song can be viewed as my contribution to the Great American Lie and myth of what happens after you do drugs. This song also contains a lot of references to what happened to me personally when I was into acid that the reader may not understand. Feel free to ask me about all of them someday.

Flashin’ Back Again

I can’t look at that painting of the drunk clown anymore

I took him down, turned him around, and put him on the floor

Accordions are buzzin’ loud, and still they buzz some more

I’m flashin’ back again, please help me find the middle door

I’ve had an even dozen beers from the case I bought today

Nathan drank the other twelve, laughing all the way

In the August sky, I think I see a one-horse open sleigh

I’m flashin’ back again, but if I’m smilin’, I’m OK

The world is shaking madly, Lord forgive what I have done

With my pupils doing flip-flops and my sanity on the run

On Sundays when I go to church and get down on my knees

The stained-glass windows glowing there leave me ill at ease

Pontius Pilate winks at me, don’t crucify me, please

I’m flashin’ back again, God knows I’ve had a few of these

Night falls like a ton of cats since I dried out last year

I stare into the darkness waiting for a 13th beer

There’s Miles Davis in a swaying tree, and a modicum of fear

I’m flashin’ back again, I kinda wish I wasn’t here

That song is dedicated to my old friend Nathan Brodmerkel. I hope he's doing well. I may giv e you another entry later today. I've been EXTREMELY lazy lately, and for that I'm sorry.

Happy Labor Day weekend everyone. That you, organized labor, for the 40-hour work week!

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