Wednesday, September 29, 2004

I'm not sure where to start this tonight, and my limited gifts as a writer and orderly thinker may hinder what I'm about to type, but here's my best attempt.
I just turned off the Sundance Channel. There was a movie I was watching that from what I could determine from the first ten minutes was going to be one of those movies where people in their twenties overthink romantic relationships. These movies used to define my existence, mainly because much like the characters on screen, I kept striking out in the worst way possible.
To briefly recap, my romantic life to this point has consisted of my high school sweetheart who rightfully dumped me because I grew up too slowly, a telekinetic hypochondriac art chick, an emotionally unwound actress type, a second fly-by (which led to an eventual crash) of the previously referenced telekinetic hypochondriac, a live-in country girl, a college student who was probably too young for me, a Puerto Rican divorcee who listened to dance music, a hardcore catholic, my first wife who never listened to me and FINALLY, FINALLY, Lovely Lady Leslie. Interspersed into the above list are roughly 4 other passing liaisons that flamed out for various reasons.
Love's a great thing, but every night, when I lay next to Leslie, thinking about soon being her husband, I think "What took me so long to find her?". I probably don't tell her enough that when I drift off to sleep, I get to smile at her in the dark for about 5 minutes. We've lived together just over three years (it was three last Wednesday the 22nd), and it's still wonderful.
Love is about positive release. For me, I know that for the rest of my life, the love that I show for the human race goes out in concentric circles from a single point. Leslie is Ground Zero.
So to recap, I have Leslie, Autumn, music, water and food. What else is there?

Well, there are songs.......

I owe the loyal reader(s?) a song from the now-infamous Writ Of Common Wisdom.

One of the invented raging topics currently of the American news media is the issue of gay marriage. I for one am a proponent of gay marriage. It's about time our friends in the homosexual community got a chance to see what the sting of divorce feels like. Remember fellas, its all in fun until Chip packs a moving van with all your shit and takes off.
I wrote this song about four years ago. I guess that makes me a visionary, and I have no idea why the issue of gay marriage was in my head. It may be because my first marriage was in such a horrible place and my first wife was becoming such a shrew that the little gay man in the basement of my head was saying, "Gee, is there anything I can do to help?". Luckily, I met Leslie and the rest is history.

Georgia Says

Georgia says, “I’m gonna marry my dear lady”

Georgia says, “My lady suits me fine”

Well, Georgia says, “I’ve been around

And this true love is what I’ve found

I’m sorry if it’s stranger than it sounds.”

Georgia says, “I became aware in college

And since then there has been no turning back

‘Cause I know what is right for me

I wish you would just let me be

A woman in love with a woman in love with me.”

Love comes in many colors, shapes and sizes

And life is full of one-gender surprises

Georgia says, “It’s good to love somebody

‘Specially when you know they love you back

So raise your glasses, toast our love

And even if your god above

Don’t care for it, my lady and I…

Go hand in glove.”

So there. To my friends in the homosexual community, I support you in your struggle. Good luck.

And now I leave the good reader and bid him/her peace and love.

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