Monday, October 10, 2005


Anyone else notice that I've been missing for roughly 7 months?

It's not that I've been missing so much as I've been busy settling into my new life at the new house in Milwaukee.

Currently, I'm looking for a new job, with 2 interviews this week. Wish me luck.

Also, I may be shutting this blog down and starting one on MySpace. It's easier to operate and MySpace doesn't ERASE A 10,000 -WORD POST YOU JUST TYPED DUE TO SERVERS NOT COOPERATING IN THE MIDDLE OF THE NIGHT (HINT HINT).

Now you know the REAL reason I haven't been back here. I do have an urgent need to begin writing again, or shall I say creating in general. And it sounds like the trash truck is blocking me in from getting back to work right now (This is a lunch hour post). Must go spend my future children's inheritance on gas money now.

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