Tuesday, May 02, 2006

Resolving the Problem of Evil

I spent some time
Looking for the Problem of Evil,
Only to find that there was
No enemy anywhere to blame.
The belief in evil creates evil
And it exists nowhere else.
This is because All is One,
And there are no mistakes.
In fact, the universe is not only
A hologram, with each smaller
Aspect within it containing
All the intelligence
Of the whole system:
It is also fractal, which is to say
That no matter how small
The pieces get ad infinitum,
They always maintain the integrity
Of the whole system.
There is an undeniable
Universal intelligence
That contains all opposites
Including the lack of itself,
Or nothingness.
The drives for bliss, sex, power,
Love, communication, insight,
Even the drive for higher intelligence
Are all a lusting
For what we already have
And can never lose,
Not even in death.

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